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Projects completed in 2003


Directed by: Jonothan Neelands and Geoff Lindsay,

With: Vivien Freakley and Susan Band

The Department for Education and Skills funded a three year evaluation of the new Dance and Drama Awards Scheme directed by Dr Jonothan Neelands and Professor Geoff Lindsay. These awards replace previous arrangements operated by the Arts Council which supported the existing Local Education Authority Discretionary Award Scheme. The new scheme came into operation in September 1999 and was intended to support the most talented students. The study focused on the evaluation of the scheme in achieving the government’s aims. Cohorts of students were surveyed as were providers of training and those who receive the students for work. Large scale studies by questionnaires, focussed investigations by interview and document analysis were used. The project ended in January 2003. We have produced a series of six reports, two each year, which have been discussed by the Steering Group and have led to a number of changes in the scheme. Our final, summative report was produced in early 2003.

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