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Projects completed in 2005



Directed by: Alma Harris (WIE), Geoff Lindsay (CEDAR), Daniel Muijs (University of Newcastle) and Chris Day (University of Nottingham)
With: Janet Goodall (Nottingham) and Tracy Allen (WIE)


This three year project funded by the Department for Education and Skills has gathered evidence about ways in which continuing professional development (CPD) is currently evaluated. Its prime purpose was to capture innovative evaluative practice and to produce an evaluation toolbox for schools that will allow them to gauge the impact of CPD. The study involved an extensive literature review, a large scale survey and in depth case studies at forty school sites. To date, the empirical base concerning the impact of CPD has been limited, hence this project contributed directly to the existing knowledge base but also produced evaluative material of practical use to schools. The final report was produced in 2005.