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Completed in 2005

Research Partnership for the Evaluation of Tate Modern's 'Raw Canvas' Youth Programme

Sheila Galloway, CEDAR with Julian Stanley, CEI

Sponsors: Tate Modern's Youth Programme
February 2004 - April 2005

'Raw Canvas' is a programme of activities for individual young people aged 15-23 established by Tate Modern in 1999. Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, its varied menu of activities is quite separate from the gallery's work with schools and colleges. Events include very brief 'drop-in' or taster sessions at the gallery, longer 2 or 3 session courses, two summer courses of 6 days each, and a 12 week evening and Saturday workshop training course for peer leaders in January - March each year. Activities develop a range of interpretative, practical and presentational skills.

This research partnership aimed to:

  • Take stock of the information so far available about the programme
  • Assess how to capitalise on the different types of data
  • Identify gaps where further information would be useful
  • Review existing documentation about the programme in terms of its key principles

The project involved desk research, familiarisation visits, consultation meetings and the collection of observational and interview data. The partnership worked towards a process for future evaluation which could be implemented by young participants and members of the gallery's education core team.

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