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Projects completed in 2007



Directors: Geoff Lindsay, Daniel Muijs, Alma Harris and Chris Chapman
With: Mairi-Ann Cullen, Elisabeth Arweck and Janet Goodall


The government's Federations programme allowed groups of schools to form together for specific purposes. Part of the government's agenda to improve educational achievement, the Federations scheme was based on partnerships where there was either a formal agreement to work together to raise standards, promote inclusion and find new ways of approaching teaching and learning, and building capacity between schools in a coherent manner, or by the creation of a single governing body or a joint governing body committee.

We evaluated the pilot Federations over a period of about 2½ years, using large scale surveys of teachers and governors, together with case studies of nine federations and large scale analysis of data from all schools in the schemes.

The project, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, was directed by Professor Geoff Lindsay (CEDAR), Professor Daniel Muijs, Professor Alma Harris and Dr Chris Chapman (Warwick Institute of Education), with Mairi-Ann Cullen and Dr Elisabeth Arweck (CEDAR) and Dr Janet Goodall (WIE).

A final report was published by the Department for Children and Families in 2007. In addition, the research has been presented to the Innovations Unit's Next Practice initiative.