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Projects completed in 2007


Geoff Lindsay and Mairi-Ann Cullen (CEDAR), together with Jenny Watterson, Leicester City West Primary Health Care NHS Trust and Catherine Reeve of CEDAR and SCCHS.


Funded by ESRC through the KTP scheme 2005-2007

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme brings together universities and employers to improve the skills and and knowledge base in the latter. Most schemes to date as we stated had been with industry; ours was one of a small number working in the health and education domains.

This 2 year project saw an Associate employed by the Leicester City West Primary Health Care NHS Trust developing training for frontline staff working particularly with children with physical disabilities and consequent special educational needs. The Associate was supervised by Mairi-Ann Cullen and the opportunity to register for a Masters degree with the University of Warwick. The scheme was designed to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of services, in this case by improving the skills of frontline workers and parents and to improve the skills and educational opportunities of children with physical disabilities. By this process it was intended to avoid more costly interventions at a later stage. The project therefore contributed to CEDAR's interest in SEN and developing effective inclusive education.

A Research Associate, Catherine Reeve, supervised by Mairi-Ann Cullen, led and co-ordinated this research project with the purpose of further developing and formally evaluating sustainable collaborative ways of working between Health and Education, the enable Early Years Practitioners in Leicester City to promote young children's physical development. The ultimate aim was to promote better outcomes for children through working together to create the environments and opportunities to maximise children's physical development.

The outcome of the project was a support pack for front line workers in early years settings published by the Trust.



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