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Completed 2008


Directors: Geoff Lindsay (CEDAR), Robert Lindley and Alan Brown (IER)
Gillian Hundt (Institute of Health), Kate Hughes (RSS)

Researchers: From the Learning and Development Centre: Marie Garnet (project manager), Mark Childs, Ruth Ayres, Eve Uhlig and Sue Bennet; and Sue Law (previously LDC and now Coventry University)


This 3 year ESRC funded project was part of the ESRC’s Researcher Development Initiative Phase 1. This aimed to increase research capacity by funding a variety of projects designed to develop researcher skills. Our project combined senior researchers in the University with colleagues from the Learning and Development Centre (previously Centre for Academic Practice) in an initiative entitled Managing Research Projects which ran for 3 years until December 2008. The team comprised Professor Robert Lindley and Professor Alan Brown from the Institute of Employment Research, Professor Gillian Hundt (Institute of Health) and Kate Hughes (Research Support Services) together with members of LDC: Marie Garnett (the project manager), Mark Childs, Dr Ruth Ayres, Eve Uhlig and Sue Bennett from LDC; Kate Hughes and Nikki Muckle from Research Support Services; and Professor Sue Law who was Sue Bennett’s predecessor as Director of LDC and who is now at Coventry University.

We worked with researchers at early, mid and late career states to explore training needs in managing research projects. We produced materials which were piloted and then launched at a major conference at the end of 2008. These are currently available on the link

We are currently working with colleagues at the University of Southampton to ensure access to these materials is supported through the ESCR's ReStore initiative. we hope this will be put in place shortly.

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