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Completed 2010

International review of diagnostic procedures/tools used to diagnose disability and the assessment procedures/tools used to identify special educational needs for the diagnosed disability


Geoff Lindsay and Martin Desforges


The National Council for Special Education in Ireland commissioned Professor Geoff Lindsay and Dr Martin Desforges to undertake this review in order to assist the Council in advising the Irish Government on the development of policy and legislation regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN). The project reviewed international practice and drew upon a review of both the literature and practice guidelines, including legislation. In addition, information was sought directly from international experts.

Our report has now been published by NCSE.

Desforges, M. & Lindsay, G. (2010). Procedures used to diagnose a disability and to assess special educational needs: An international review. NCSE Research Report No 5. Trim, Ireland: National Council for Special Education. (202pp).