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Projects completed in 2010

Lamb Inquiry : Special Educational Needs and parental confidence

Nick Peacey1, Geoff Lindsay2, Penelope Brown1 and Anthony Russell1
1Institute of Education, University of London, 2CEDAR


The Lamb Inquiry into parental confidence in the special educational needs system reported on 16 December 20091. Brian Lamb was supported by a team of expert advisers and a wider reference group. In addition, Nick Peacey (Institute of Education, University of London) and Geoff Lindsay (CEDAR) supported by Penelope Brown and Anthony Russell (IoE) were commissioned as consultants to the Inquiry. The Secretary of State responded very positively to this landmark report for the development of SEN system: see the following web link for access to all the reports and correspondence associated with the Inquiry:

Our work fed into the Inquiry and is reflected in Brian Lamb's final report. In addition, our report on the eight local authority projects was published on the Inquiry website in September. Our final report to the Inquiry with all our evidence is available from this link pdf report