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Completed in 2010

Evaluation of Rosetta Life partnership projects

Sheila Galloway with the Institute for Health: Prof Gillian Hundt, Claudette Brysanton, Dr Maria Stuttaford

Rosetta Life is a UK leader in delivering innovative arts activities to those receiving Palliative Care through opportunities for creative expression through various art forms and via different platforms to share their output. The NHS Pan-Birmingham Palliative Care Network supported Rosetta Life activities with an evaluation of this work, focusing on partnership projects in the Midlands during 2008-09. This was: a drama project involving hospice users and Birmingham Repertory Theatre; two movement projects with people who have severe motor disabilities, and a film about living with life-threatening disease around the clock.

CEDAR’s collaboration with staff at Warwick’s Institute of Health took account of recent research and evaluation in the area of the arts and health. Research methods included using a quality of life instrument, participatory learning events, interviews with participants, carers, staff and artists, alongside observation and feedback from audiences and staff.