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Completed 2013

Programme Evaluation, Phase 1 2011-13

Professor Geoff Lindsay1; Professor Tony Charman2; Professor Julie Dockrell2; Mairi Ann Cullen1: Dr Stephen Cullen1; Dr Liz Pellicano2

1CEDAR, 2Institute of Education, University of London


The Autism Education Trust (AET) funded a programme (2011-13) to develop support for children and young people with autism/autism spectrum disorders. Our task was to evaluate the programme as a whole, which comprised the development of support materials and training to support the teaching workforce. This built upon the DfE/TDA initiative 2009-11 that we evaluated and whose positive results influenced the Special Educational Needs Green Paper Support and Aspiration (2011) and hence this project. In the present study the work we evaluated included the development of teaching materials, creating a resource for hubs that provide training, bringing together staff from different schools/LAs; creation of national standards and a training scheme. Our research indicated that the AET’s development programme had been highly successful – for details see our Final Report. The AET was subsequently commissioned by the Department for Education to develop this programme further and we are now evaluating this: Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation 2013-15.