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Completed 2013

Investigation of Key Stage 2 Access Arrangements Procedures

Professor Geoff Lindsay1, Mrs Susan Goodlad2, and Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou1, with Professor Andy Miller1 and Dr Martin Desforges1.

1CEDAR, 2Centre for Education and Industry (CEI)


This study was commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE). Its purpose was to examine the suitability, clarity, usability and efficiency of a flowchart developed to assist the assessment of pupils who may require access arrangements for Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests. The research comprised three strands: A national postal survey of a representative sample of mainstream primary schools and a sample of special schools; observations of and interviews with teachers and SENCOs who trialled the flowchart; and interviews with local authority officers responsible for approving access arrangement applications for pupils from maintained primary schools. The research was conducted between November 2012 and February 2013. The flowchart was very well received by schools. It was valued as a helpful support to help teachers distinguish between pupils that needed access arrangements and those that did not. The flowchart also helped teachers to identify the appropriate access arrangements.

Our research report (PDF Document) was published by the Department of Education and can also be downloaded from the DfE website

The project was directed by Geoff Lindsay, Mrs Susan Goodlad was overall Project Manager and Ioanna Bakopoulou had responsibility for the work in schools. The team also comprised two of CEDAR’s staff, Martin Desforges and Andy Miller (Strand 3) and educational psychologists who worked with schools (Strand 2).