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Completed 2015

Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2013-15

Dr Stephen Cullen, Mairi Ann Cullen and Professor Geoff Lindsay

Phase 2 of our evaluation of the Autism Education Trust (AET) 2013-15 built on our earlier research Autism Education Trust: Programme Evauation, 2011-13. That study provided evidence that the AET's development programme has been highly successful. As a result the Department for Education is funding an extension. During this phase the AET aimed to:-

  • Maintain self-funded delivery of training in schools from the original 7 hubs.
  • Develop materials to train an additional 5660 delegates in early years, schools and post-16 at 3 tiers.
  • Develop specific standards for use by parents and local authorities.
  • Extend independent evaluation of the whole programme.

Our Interim Report(PDF Document) provides evidence on the first period of Phase 2 and indicates that this is continuing to develop its work successfully.