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Completed 2015

Evaluation of One County's Area Behaviour Partnerships

Area Behaviour Partnerships (ABPs) allow secondary school head teachers to work together to support the education of young people excluded from school or at risk of exclusion from school. The funding for this was devolved to the ABPs on a formula basis as agreed by the local Schools Forum. Each ABP was accountable for the outcomes of students supported by the devolved funding.

The County Council’s Education and Learning Unit appointed researchers from CEDAR as independent evaluators of the Area Behaviour Partnerships. The evaluation was based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative information. It was informed by interviews with the leads and coordinators for each of the four ABPs, with senior leaders from a sample of schools in each area, and with some young people supported by the different ABPs and some parents of these young people. In addition, the evaluation drew on quantitative data on rates of exclusion and on student outcomes (attendance, achievement, progression), as well as from a questionnaire to all secondary school headteachers involved in the County's ABPs. The findings were presented firstly to the local Priority Families and ABP Working Group and were then used to inform proposals taken to the Schools Forum in March 2015 about the future funding and remit of the ABPs. The evaluation also helped the County Council’s Education and Learning Unit, Priority Families and ABP Working Group, local schools, colleges and training providers to learn from the project and the final report shares this learning with others beyond the County who are working to improve secondary school education.