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Completed - Intervention evaluations


- A Better Start

- Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2017-18

- Research project on the efficacy of intensive behavioural intervention on children with Autism (3-5 years) based in Switzerland


- Who's Challenging Who?

Are targeted parent training courses effective when the trial ends?
- Evaluation of the Early Intervention Foundation

- Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2015-16

- Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2013-15 
- Breaking the cycle
- CANparent Trial Evaluation

- Better Communication Research Programme

- Evaluation of Birmingham Royal Ballet and join Birmingham Youth Services Project
- Parenting Early Intervention Programme

- Evaluation of Rosetta Life Partnerships Projects
- Lamb Inquiry: Special Educational Needs and Parental Confidence
- Research and Development Programme for the evaluation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s learning network
- Thinking in three dimensions: Public Art and Learning Potential

- Parent Support Advisers Project
- Stand up for Shakespeare-The royal Shakespeare Company’s learning and performance network

Evaluation of the Parenting Early Intervention Pathfinder
- Evaluation of the Time to Talk Community Programme
- Raising the quality of creative process and product in youth theatre

Evaluation of the artist teacher scheme
- Evaluation of the Federations programme
- Evaluation of the PGCE Plus
- The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth: Evaluation of the Summer School Programme
- The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY) evaluation of the ‘Goal’ programme

- Evaluation of capital modernisation funding project to introduce Electronic Registratoin in selected secondary schools
- Evaluation of the Dance and Drama Award Scheme, phase II
- Teaching creatively and teaching for the creativity through the Arts in Solihull research project
- The National Open College Network/Learning and Skills Council project, phase 2

- Research partnership for the evaluation of Tate Modern's Youth Programme
- Research partnership for the evaluation of the 'envision' action research programme
- Review of the Presentation of the Contemporary Visual Arts: Structure and Leadership

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