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Associate Fellow


Dr Bryan Dockrell
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Telephone: 024 - 7652 3638
Facsimile: 024 - 7652 4472

Bryan Dockrell is an Associate Fellow in CEDAR. After studying in the US and being a professor in Canada Bryan was Director of the Scottish Council for Research in Education and later Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His work has been in research methods, assessment and evaluation both in Britain and overseas. He has undertaken a number of UK based projects on assessment including Diagnostic Assessment in Secondary Schools for the Scottish Education Department; work-related Non-Advanced Further Education National Vocational Qualifications in Construction and Care and Northern Modular Science from the Employment Department; and National Vocational Qualifications and Higher Education for the Training, Enterprise and Education Directorate. He has undertaken projects in Barbados, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and most recently in Nepal, where he was consultant on monitoring, evaluation and research for the Secondary Educational Development Programme, and on assessment for the UNICEF Basic and Primary Education Project. Recent publications include The psychological perspective in G Stanton and W Richardson (eds) Qualifications for the future. London: Further Education Development Agency. 1997; A national testing programme to evaluate the impact of curriculum reform in Zang Houcan (ed) The Effects and Related Problems of Large Scale Testing in Educational Assessment Bejjing:NEEA, 1998.

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