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Associate Fellow


Dr Marlene Morrison
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Telephone: 024 - 7652 3638
Facsimile: 024 - 7652 4472

Marlene Morrison is an Associate Fellow in CEDAR. She previously held a joint post with CEDAR and the Department of Sociology where she taught on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in the sociology of education and field studies. She has previously been engaged, jointly with the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER), in a British Library funded project on Public Libraries, Ethnic Diversity and Citizenship. Other previous research studies have investigated: Teaching and Learning about Food and Nutrition in Schools; Supply Teaching that most recently includes private teacher employment agencies; libraries; professional and school development; and funding issues in education. Articles and reports reflect her research interests and appear in the Curriculum Journal, Educational Studies, The Sociological Review, and the Journal for Teacher Development. A joint author of Implementing In-Service Education and Training (Falmer, 1993), she is co-editor of The Supply Story, Professional Substitutes in Education (Falmer, 1994), and co-author with David Scott of Libraries for Learning: Approaches to Book Resources in Primary Schools (British Library, 1994).

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