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Senior Research Fellow

SUSAN BAND BA (Hons), MA (Warwick)

University of Warwick

Telephone: 024 - 7652 2185
Facsimile: 024 - 7652 4472

I am a Senior Research Fellow in CEDAR. My research interests include higher and further education, employee development and vocational training, special needs, and qualitative, especially case study, method. Recent work has focused on parenting support, truancy at secondary school level and aspects of vocational training in the performing arts.

Recently completed projects

Commissioned by DfES, the three year Evaluation of Capital Modernisation Funding for Electronic Registration in Selected Secondary Schools (Geoff Lindsay, Daniel Muijs, Dimitra Hartas and Sue Band) was completed in 2006.

538 schools with the highest levels of unauthorised absence were given grants under the government’s £11.25 million scheme to support purchase and installation of an e-registration system. A ‘combined methods’ approach was used to examine the impact of electronic registration systems on schools’ unauthorised and authorised absence; the effectiveness and usefulness of the systems; the wider effectiveness of electronic registration contributing to links with Local Authorities and in particular Education Welfare Services. 46 schools took part in case studies, and two surveys were carried out of non-case study schools.

A key finding was that electronic registration can play an important role in helping schools with high rates of absence to improve attendance, but as one of a broad range of initiatives including the creation of a positive school climate and developing a relevant curriculum.

Phase 1 of the Dance & Drama Award Scheme Evaluation Project (Dr. Jonothan Neelands, Prof. Geoff Lindsay, Viv Freakley and Sue Band) was a three year project commissioned by DfEE and completed in 2003. The evaluation’s purpose was to discover whether the Dance & Drama Award scheme was meeting its two primary objectives of raising standards of excellence and increasing access to vocational training for the most talented dancers, actors and stage managers. During the first three years of operation the Awards were successful in moving towards meeting its core objectives, notably in increasing the numbers of students in training from low-income families.

Phase 2 of the evaluation (Dr. Jonothan Neelands, Prof. Geoff Lindsay, Dr. Vivien Freakley, Sue Band, Dr. Sheila Galloway, Prof. Robert Lindley and Rhys Davies) was completed in 2006. The focus was on establishing whether the scheme, following a period of development and having become more established, provides ‘value for money’: whether it is responsive to employer needs; its impact upon the destinations of students, and whether it is changing access for students with disabilities and special educational needs, and those from different ethnic backgrounds. Alongside statistical analyses of outcomes from the scheme, including destination data and the demographic characteristics of the students, especially ethnicity, disability and social disadvantage, qualitative analyses were based on individual and group interviews tapping into the individual experience and perceptions of students, employers, agents, schools and key industry/professional bodies.

Current ProjectS

Evaluation of the Parenting Early Intervention Pathfinder: Geoff Lindsay, Hilton Davis, Steve Strand, Susan Band, Mairi-Ann Cullen, Stephen Cullen, Chris Hasluck, Ray Evans & Sarah Stewart-Brown.

Evaluation of the Parent Support Adviser Pilot: Geoff Lindsay, Hilton Davis, Sarah Stewart-Brown, Steve Strand, Ray Evans, Susan Band, Mairi-Ann Cullen, Stephen Cullen, Liz Davis, Chris Hasluck.

Selected Publications

Band, S., Lindsay, G., Law, J., Soloff, N., Peacey, N., Gascoigne, M., Radford, J. (2002) Are Health and Education talking to each other? Perceptions of parents of children with speech and language needs European Journal of Special Needs Education, 17(3), pp. 211-227

Galloway, S. and Band, S. (2005) ‘Exits and Entrances: Students’ Stories’, London, Department for Education and Skills, pp. 44

Band, S. (1998): The Warwick 2+2: How do Access Issues add up? Journal of Access and Credit Studies, pp 82-90




photo of Susan Band