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Research Fellow

DR DANIEL MUIJS, Candidate (Univ. of Antwerp), Licentiate (Catholic Univ. of Leuven), MSc (Catholic Univ. of Leuven), PhD (Catholic Univ. of Leuven).

Dr Daniel Muijs
University of Warwick

Telephone: 024 - 7652 2197
Facsimile: 024 - 7652 4472

Daniel joined CEDAR on 1 October 2001 as a research fellow, and the Institute of Education as a lecturer in Quantitative Research Methods.

Daniel's main research interests are quantitative modelling of educational data, school and teacher effectiveness and use of ICT to enhance student learning.

Past research projects include:
  • The evaluation of the Gatsby Mathematics Enhancement Project Primary, a large scale programme evaluation involving testing, classroom observation, survey design and quantitative analysis.
  • The evaulation of the Gatsby Mathematics Enhancement Project (Secondary), a mixed-methods programme evaluation involving in-depth case-studies, surveys and analysis of examination results.
  • A longitudinal, quantitative Study of the relationship between Media Use and School Achievement among Flemish primary school children.
Ongoing research projects include:
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of trained Numeracy Support Assistants in Primary Mathematics Teaching
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of the RM ILS system in Primary Mathematics Teaching.
  • Development of the Gatsby Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme, a professional development programme based on findings from teacher effectiveness research, that includes training sessions, multi-media and a teacher buddying system.
Main Publications:

Muijs, R.D. (1997). 'Predictors of academic achievement and academic self-concept: a longitudinal perspective'. The British Journal of Educational Psychology, 67, 236-277.

Muijs, R.D. (1997). 'Self, School and Peer Relations: School-Related Variables Affecting Electronic Media Use'. Communications, The European Journal of Communication Research, 22(2), 157-172.

Roe, K., Muijs, R.D. (1997). 'Media use and literacy in childhood. A theoretical and empirical reappraisal' In: Carlsson, U. (Ed.), Beyond Media Uses and Effects. Gothenburg: Nordicom.

Roe, K., Muijs, R.D. (1998). 'Children and Computer Games: a Profile of the Heavy User' European Journal of Communication, 13(2).

Reynolds, D., Muijs, R.D. (1999). 'The Effective Teaching of Mathematics: A Review of Research'. School Leadership and Management, 19(3), 273-288.

Higgins, S., Muijs, R.D. (1999). 'ICT and the Teaching of Numeracy in Primary Schools' In I. Thompson (ed.) Issues in Teaching Numeracy in Primary Schools. Ballmoor, Bucks: Open University Press.

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Muijs, R.D., Reynolds, D. (2000). 'School Effectiveness and Teacher Effectiveness in Mathematics: Some Preliminary Findings from the Evaluation of the Mathematics Enhancement Programme Primary'. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 11(3), 28-47.

Muijs, R.D., Reynolds, D. (2001). Effective Teaching: Evidence and Practice. London: Paul Chapman Publishing.

Muijs, R.D., Reynolds, D. (forthcoming). 'Being or Doing: The Relationship Between Teacher Behaviors, Teacher Beliefs and Student Achievement in Mathematics' To be published in Journal of Classroom Interaction.

Reynolds, D. & Muijs, R.D. (forthcoming). 'The Perspective from the UK'. To be published in Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education. Special Issue on Cross-Country Comparisons of the Role of Teacher Evaluation (Teacher Effectiveness) in School Effectiveness and Improvement.

Muijs, R.D. (forthcoming). Measuring Teacher Effectiveness. In Reynolds, D. and Hopkins, D. (eds.). The learning level. London: Cassell.

Professional Affiliations:

He is currently Programme Chair for the AERA school effectiveness and school improvement SIG, and chair of the young researchers group of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

photo of Daniel Muijs