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Senior Research Fellow


Dr Elisabeth Arweck
Senior Research Fellow
University of Warwick

Telephone: 024-7652 8434
Facsimile: 024-7652 4472


Dr Elisabeth Arweck is a Senior Research Fellow in CEDAR where she is carrying out fieldwork for CEDAR’s evaluation of the impact of the DCFS’s investment in initiatives which are designed to improve teacher workforce skills in relation to SEN and disabilities. Previously (2004–2006), she contributed to CEDAR’s Evaluation of the DCFS’s Federations Programme, CEDAR’s Evaluation of the DCFS’s Key Stage 2 Language Learning Pathfinders, and CEDAR’s Evaluation of the PGCE Plus Programme.

Dr Arweck has also conducted research in the sociology of religion and religious studies with particular focus on religious socialisation, values education, alternative educational programmes, and new and 'alternative' religious movements. With colleagues in the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick, she worked on three AHRB/AHRC funded research projects which combined these areas of research with educational matters. The projects were concerned with the religious identity formation of young people who grow up in mixed-faith families and educational programmes which are associated with religious organisations and which promote values and values education in community schools. A current AHRC project explores young people’s views of and attitudes towards religious diversity.

Dr Arweck’s publications include a book, articles, edited books, book chapters, contributions to reference works, and research reports. (For a complete list of publications, see Elisabeth Arweck is an Editor of the Journal of Contemporary Religion (see Her research interests focus on religious socialisation, young people and religion, alternative educational programmes, education and values, education and contemporary spirituality, methods and ethics in the study of religious communities, and new religions in Europe and the US.





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