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Research Assistant

Leen Vereenooghe

University of Warwick


Research profile

  • Intellectual disabilities and mental health
  • Preparing people with intellectual disabilities for cognitive behavioural therapy through computerised training programmes
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses


I joined CEDAR in June 2015 as a Research Fellow – Systematic Reviewer to work on a project funded by the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund. The project involves systematic review work aimed to identify and critically appraise assessments of mental health in children and adults with severe intellectual disabilities, as well as to identify and evaluate the efficacy of psychological and pharmacological treatments for the prevention and treatment of mental health problems in this population.

While working for CEDAR, I am also writing up my PhD thesis. My doctoral research, at the University of East Anglia, focused on the development and evaluation of computerised programmes to train adults with intellectual disabilities in some of the skills required to undertake cognitive behavioural therapy.

Previously, I completed a bachelor and MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology (University of Leuven ’09, ‘11), and worked as a special needs educator following a bachelor in Special Needs Education (Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg ’07).

Selected publications

Vereenooghe, L., & Langdon, P.E. (2013). Psychological therapies for people with intellectual disabilities: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34 (11), 4085-4102.

Vereenooghe, L., Reynolds, S., Gega, L., & Langdon, P.E. (2015). Can a computerised training paradigm assist people with intellectual disabilities to learn cognitive mediation skills? A randomised experiment. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 71, 10-19.

Leen Vereenooghe