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Mairi Ann Cullen



Senior Research Fellow


Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research
University of Warwick
Tel: 024 7652 2184

Research Interests

My educational research interests include parenting support and education, special educational needs and disabilities, school inclusion and exclusion, professional development for teachers and the wider children's workforce, support for children and parents affected by substance misuse, and children in care, post-care, neglected or in need. I am also interested in researching social investment. Most of my research uses combined qualitative and quantitative methods.

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I led the 'Review of arrangements for disagreement resolution (SEND)'. Funded by the Department for Education, this important project (2015-17) focused on levels of use and experiences of using the various routes to redress for disagreements around support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. It covered statutory assessment of needs, disagreement resolution services, mediation services, formal complaints and appeals to the First-Tier Tribunal (SEND). Findings informed the Government Response, set out in a report to Parliament in March 2017. ( Currently, I am leading the evaluation of Warwickshire's 'Attachment Aware Schools' pilot programme, 2017-18, funded by Warwickshire's Virtual School for Children in Care.

Research Projects

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  • Cullen, Mairi Ann, Lindsay, Geoff, Dockrell, Julie E., 2009. The role of the Connexions service in supporting the transition from school to post-16 education, employment training and work for young people with a history of specific speech and language difficulties or learning difficulties. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, Vol.9 (No.2), pp. 100-112, View
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