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Yingjie Chen

MA in Educational Studies

Why did you choose to study this course at the University of Warwick?
I wanted to study abroad and experience a different culture. When I was an undergraduate student in CES, I took part in several voluntary projects and most of the projects were related to teaching and learning, cultural education and so on. I decided to do my MA degree here because my main interests are in sociology and education, I found that this particular course would provide me with a wide range of knowledge whilst exploring my interests.

What have been the highlights of the programme so far?
The most impressive part of the programme is the atmosphere of sharing and communication. There were many international students here and professors tend to encourage us to share with others about our own background. In addition, this programme provides various and practical experience to enhance students’ learning and thinking. For example, CES arranged school visits to different kinds of schools in England which gave me much useful and inspiring insight into British education system. More than that, the usage of Moodle and online supplementary courses is one of the highlights of this programme.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why?
I would recommend this course to those who have an interest in education because this course would satisfy their need to focus on the latest issues, although other students might also find this course worthwhile. With tolerant and passionate professors and other teaching facilites, students have chance to reflect, overcome challenges, build a solid foundation for further researching and to learn from feedback and comments. This course definitely benefits those who seek academic pursuit, personal and career development.