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Come to a live chat

Live chats with Education

Join us in our series of live chats to get more of a feel for Education. We will have different topics and sessions running throughout the year including:

  • Short presentations from our course leader or Director of study
  • Hear from some of our current students or alums telling you what they love about the course and how it has impacted their career
  • Ask any questions you have about the course, studying at Warwick, or the application process

Upcoming dates

Throughout July and August, Warwick Accommodation are holding one-to-one Live Chat sessions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate offer holders to find out more about their Accommodation options. You can register for a session on their webpages.

Dates for upcoming sessions will be published in the calendar below as they are confirmed.

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Opening a bank account Live Chat - HSBC

Date Tue, 10 Sep
Location Zoom

Staff from HSBC Bank will be available to answer questions about their bank account options for home or international students, offer tips on safe banking, and (for international students) check your documents before your arrival to the UK. Don't forget to book 'Opening a banking account - HSBC staff on campus' sessions as well.

Please note, the University does not recommend one particular bank. Other bank accounts are available.
For more information about opening a UK bank account, please go to

Please speak to a member of the HSBC staff if you have a question about any of their services.


Frequently asked questions

What are live chats?

Live chats give you the opportunity to speak with staff and hear from current students from the Education programme in real time. Live chats are open to all, and enable prospective students from the UK or overseas to enquire or ask questions.

Who am I messaging?

Each chat will be administered by an academic or administrative member of the Education Studies team.

At the beginning of each live chat, the members of the chat will introduce themselves so that you know who you are talking with.

What questions should I ask?

All questions will be answered, so feel free to ask anything - what to write in your application; what modules and subjects you can study; what societies there are; what opportunities for study abroad there are etc.

What if I can't make the chat?

After our live chats, we will make the transcripts of the sessions available so that you can catch up with our conversations. We also welcome you to come and visit us at a time that suits you.

If you have a specific question or would like to arrange a visit to the department, please feel free to email us at educationstudies at warwick dot ac dot uk

We look forward to speaking with you soon!