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  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2019. A PhD in motion : advancing a critical academic mobilities approach (CAMA) to researching short-term mobility schemes for doctoral students. Teaching in Higher Education, 24 (5), pp. 678-693, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2019. On being the 'gender person' in an academic department : constructions, configurations and implications. Journal of Gender Studies, 28 (6), pp. 730-742, View
  • Henderson, Emily F., Moreau, M -P.. 2019. Carefree conferences? Academics with caring responsibilities performing mobile academic subjectivities. Gender and Education, View
  • Sabharwal, N. S., Henderson, Emily F., Joseph, R. S.. 2019. Hidden social exclusion in Indian academia : gender, caste and conference participation. Gender and Education, View
  • Henderson, Emily F., Burford, J.. 2019. Queering “the idea of the university”: two queer conceptualizations of discursive deployment in higher education literature. Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, View
  • Henderson, Emily F., Henderson, H.. 2019. The graveyard slot is political. Australian Feminist Studies, View
  • Henderson, Emily F., Burford, J.. 2019. Thoughtful gatherings : gendering conferences as spaces of learning, knowledge production and community. Gender and Education, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2018. Gender defender : response to Kelly Coate's review of Gender Pedagogy (Palgrave). Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 26 (3), pp. 489-490, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2018. The (un)invited guest? Feminist pedagogy and guest lecturing. Teaching in Higher Education, View
  • Burford, James, Henderson, Emily F., Pausé, Cat. 2018. Enlarging conference learning : at the crossroads of fat studies and conference pedagogies. Fat Studies, 7 (1), pp. 69-80, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2018. Anticipating doctoral supervision : (not) bridging the transition from supervisee to supervisor. Teaching in Higher Education, 23 (4), pp. 403-418, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2017. Caring while conferencing : the 'in two places at once' research project. Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK and Ireland) Newsletter, 68, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2015. Academic conferences : representative and resistant sites for higher education research. Higher Education Research & Development, 34 (5), pp. 914-925, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2014. Bringing up gender : academic abjection?. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 22 (1), pp. 21-38, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2014. Poststructuralist metaphor analysis through the "gender" lens : challenges and conceptualizations. Qualitative Inquiry, 20 (3), pp. 332-340, View
  • Henderson, Emily F.. 2012. 'A key area of knowledge delivered by someone knowledgeable' : feminist expectations and explorations of a one-off economics lecture on gender. Journal of International Women's Studies, 13 (6), pp. 44-56, View

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