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  • Francis, Leslie J., McKenna, Ursula, Sahin, Abdullah. 2018. Facing the issues raised in Psalm 1 through thinking and feeling : applying the SIFT approach to biblical hermeneutics among Muslim educators. Religions, 9 (10), View
  • Sahin, Abdullah. 2018. Critical issues in Islamic education studies : rethinking Islamic and Western liberal secular values of education. Religions, 9 (11), View
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  • Sahin, Abdullah. 2016. Islam's heritage of critical education : the missing catalyst in addressing the crisis informing modern Muslim presence. The Muslim World Book Review, 36 (3), pp. 5-15, View
  • Sahin, Abdullah. 2014. Critical faithfulness : the heart of prophetic monotheism. The Muslim World Book Review, 35 (4), pp. 51-56, View
  • Sahin, Abdullah. 2012. The role of educational theology in reconciling faith and reason in Islam : reflections on the case of Ikhwan al-Safa. The Muslim World Book Review, 32 (4), pp. 6-17, View
  • Sahin, Abdullah. 2010. The dynamics of Muslims' sense of belonging : reflections on recent empirical research. The Muslim World Book Review, 29 (2), pp. 19-24, View
  • Francis, Leslie J., Sahin, Abdullah, Al-Failakawi, Fahad. 2008. Psychometric properties of two Islamic measures among young adults in Kuwait: the Sahin-Francis Scale of Attitude toward Islam and the Sahin Index of Islamic Moral Values. Journal of Muslim Mental Health, Vol.3 (No.1), pp. 9-24, View

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