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Dr Ann Casson

Ann Casson is a secondary Religious Education teacher who, since 1983, has taught in a variety of English secondary schools including independent, community and Catholic secondary schools. She combines teaching with her research in the area of religious education. Ann has recently completed a small-scale ethnographic study of Catholic secondary schools for which she was awarded a PhD from the Institute of Education at Warwick University. The research highlighted the diversity of beliefs and practices amongst those young people who define themselves as Catholic and the active role of the young person in creating their religious identity. It also explored the ways in which Catholic secondary schools contribute to, and detract from, social cohesion.

Ann has been involved in research into other aspects of Christianity and religious education. In 2009 she worked with the Warwick Religious Education Research Unit (WRERU) on a report for the DCSF with regard to materials used to teach about world religions in schools in England. Having been awarded a Farmington fellowship in 2003, she used this opportunity to research the teaching of world religions in Catholic schools in the North of England. In 1993 she investigated the House Church movement in the North East of England while studying for a MA in Applied Theology at Newcastle University

Her main research interests are faith schools in a plural society; teaching and learning of other faith traditions in faith schools; religious education and social cohesion; Catholic education in England and Wales; religious identity development of young people; and intercultural education.

Selected publications

Autumn 2011 in Journal of Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion and Education - The Right to “Bricolage”: Catholic Pupils’ Perception of their Religious Identity and the Implications for Catholic schools in England.