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Revd Dr Greg Smith


Greg was awarded a degree in Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick in 1986. Upon graduation, he pursued a career in social work working with offenders. Following a call to ordination in the mid-90s, he undertook training at Queen’s Theological College in Birmingham and was awarded a first-class degree in Applied Theology by the University of Birmingham. He was ordained into the Church of England at Coventry Cathedral in 1999 and has served in Coventry Diocese as a Parish Priest ever since.

In parallel to his church ministry, he pursued his academic career obtaining an MA in Ministry at Oxford Brookes in 2006, which included a research project into climate change and what motivates clergy to act. He continued his study with a doctoral research project investigating best practice in the parish based training of Church of England and Church in Wales clergy. He was awarded his doctorate by the University of Warwick in 2016.

Greg’s principle research interests concern ministerial training, development, flourishing and survival, with emphasis on the role of the mentor/trainer and how psychological type informs our understanding of ministerial practice.


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