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Dr David Lankshear

Dr David Lankshear

Research Fellow
Centre for Education Studies
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


David gained a Teacher’s Certificate from Bishop Otter College in 1965. He became a Licentiate of the College of Preceptors in 1977. In 1992 he was awarded an M.Phil from the University of Wales, Lampeter and where he also gained his doctorate in 2001. He was awarded a fellowship of the College of Preceptors in 1994 on the basis of his published work.

David taught in primary schools in London before becoming warden of the Haringey Teachers centre in 1970. In 1975 he became headteacher of St Katherine’s CE Aided Primary School in Essex and in 1980 Schools Adviser for the Anglican Diocese of Chelmsford. In 1988 he became Diocesan Director of Education for the Diocese of Chester and in 1991 Schools Officer of the Church of England Board of Education and Deputy General Secretary of the national Society. He retired from these posts in 2003 since when he has been Director of Studies at the Welsh National Centre for Religious Education and working as a free lance consultant.


David is a member of a number of organisations including:

  • Inter-European Commission on Church and School
  • International Seminar on Religious Education and Values
  • International Society of Empirical Research in Theology
  • Ethos and Education Network
  • Church in Wales Education Review Group
  • St Pierre de Thaon International Student Trust

He is Chair of governors of St Peter’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Secondary School, Chelmsford.

In autumn 2010 Dr. David Lankshear, Research Fellow in WRERU, took over the Inter European Commission on Chruch and School (ICCS) secretariat for an interim period up to 2012. Dr Tania ap Siôn, Senior Research Fellow in WRERU and Director of the St Mary’s Centre in Gwynedd was welcomed as secretary designate. She will take over from David in 2012.

Research Interests

David is currently undertaking studies on Church in Wales schools, Teenage Values and the Christian Vocation to Teach all of which reflect his main focus on the education of children and young people in churches and in schools with a religious character.


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Full list of publications