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Dr Judith Everington

Dr Judith Everington BA MA MEd PGCE PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Education Studies
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Phone: 024 765 22841



Judith Everington is Associate Professor in Religious Education in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Warwick. She is a member of WRERU and has been Co-ordinator of Curriculum Development for the Unit. She is also a member of the Association of University Lecturers in Religions and the National Association of teachers of RE. She belongs to a number of research networks in Europe and beyond, including:

  • the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values.
  • European Network for Religious Education through Contextual Approaches

Judith is a reviewer for the British Journal of Religious Education.


Course Leader of the MA in Religions and Education

MA dissertation supervision

PhD supervision

Research and Curriculum Development

Co-director (with Professor Jackson) of the Warwick RE Project

Co-editor of the Bridges to Religions and Interpreting Religions curriculum series

Co-director of the Warwick Life History of RE Teachers Project


Judith Everington writes on RE teachers’ personal and professional lives; the training and professional development of beginning RE teachers: the relationship between RE and Anti-Racist Education and curriculum development in RE. Her latest research is on issues raised by the inclusion and teaching of non-religious worldviews in RE. Judith's publications include:

Everington J, (2018 forthcoming) ‘Should religious education include the exploration of existential questions through non-religious worldviews?’: the views and experiences of English secondary school teachers’ in Spoore K, Skeie, G and Ristiniemi, J (eds) Existential Questions in Research and Education, Stockholm University Press.

Jackson R and Everington J, (2017) ‘Teaching Inclusive Religious Education Impartially: An English Perspective’, British Journal of Religious Education, 39:1, 7-24.

Everington, J (2016) ‘‘Being Professional’: RE teachers’ understanding Professionalism 1997-2014', British Journal of Religious Education, 38, 2, 177-188.

Everington, J (2015) ‘Bridging Separate Communities: The Aspirations and Experiences of Minority Ethnic RE Teachers in England’. Journal of Beliefs and Values, 36 (2),

Everington J (2012) ’We’re All in This Together, the Kids and Me’: Beginning Teachers’ Use of Their Personal Life
Knowledge in the Classroom’. Journal of Beliefs and Values, 33 (3),

Everington J, Ter Avest, I, Bakker, C and Van der Want A (2011) ‘European Religious Education teachers’ biographies and their perceptions of and responses to classroom diversity’. British Journal of Religious Education, 33 (2),

Everington J (2009) ‘Individuality and Inclusion - English Teachers and Religious Diversity’, in Van der Want A, Bakker, C, Ter Avest I and Everington, J (eds) Teachers Responding to Diversity in Europe: Researching Biography and Pedagogy, Munster, Waxman,  29-41.

Everington J (2009) ‘The Use of the Interpretive Approach in the Professional Development of Student Teachers of Religious Education’ in Ipgrave, J, Jackson, R and O’Grady K (Eds) Religious Education Research through a Community of Practice: Action Research and the Interpretive Approach, Munster, Waxmann, 182-197.

Everington, Judith (2007) Freedom and Direction in Religious Education: The Case of English Trainee Teachers and ‘Learning from Religion’, in Bakker, C, Heimbrock H G, Jackson J, Skeie G and Weisse W (eds) Researching RE Teachers. RE Teachers as Researchers, Religious Diversity and Education in Europe Vol 4, Munster, Waxmann, 111-125.

Everington, Judith (2005) Adolescent attitudes to ‘the other: citizenship and religious education in England, in Francis L J, Astley J and Robbins M (eds) Religion, Education and Adolescence: International Empirical Perspectives, Cardiff, University of Wales Press, 235-261.

Sikes, Pat and Everington, Judith (2004) '"I'm a woman before I'm an RE teacher": managing religious identity in secondary shools', Gender and Education (accepted for publication)

Everington Judith and Sikes Pat (2001) 'I want to change the world: the beginning RE teacher, the reduction of prejudice and the pursuit of intercultural understanding and respect', in H Heimbrock, C Scheilke, and P Schreiner (eds) Towards Religious Competence: Diversity as a Challenge for Education in Europe, Munster, LIT Verlag.

Pat Sikes and Judith Everington (2001) ‘Becoming an RE Teacher: a Life History Approach’, British Journal of Religious Education, 24 (1), 8-20.

Judith Everington (2000) ‘Mission Impossible?: Religious Education in the 1990s' in Leicester and Modgil (eds) Religious and Spiritual Education, Vol 2, Series 2, Values, Culture and Education Series, Cassell.

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