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Selected books by WRERU members, WRERU working papers and curriculum books.

Choose a publication from the list below:

Inter Faith Dialogue by Email in Primary Schools(PDF Document) (2008) U. McKenna, J. Ipgrave & R. Jackson

Religion and Education in Europe. Developments, Contexts and Debates (2007) R. Jackson, S. Miedema, W. Weisse & J-P Willaime

Intercultural Education and Religious Plurality: Oslo Coalition Occasional Paper (2005) R. Jackson & U. McKenna

Intercultural Education: Ethnographic and Religious Approaches (2004) E. Nesbitt

Rethinking Religious Education and Plurality (2004) R. Jackson

International Perspectives on Citizenship (2002) R. Jackson

Religious Education: An Interpretive Approach (1997) R. Jackson

Dialogue in the Primary RE Classroom (2001) J. Ipgrave

Religious Lives of Sikh Children (2000) E. Nesbitt

Information on publications from the REDCo project can be found here.