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International Perspectives on Citizenship, Education and Religious Diversity (2002)


Professor Robert Jackson

Published by

RoutledgeFalmer, London

ISBN 0-415-27440-0 hardback (£60.00)

Citizenship is high on the agenda of education systems in many of the world's democracies. As yet, however, discussions of citizenship education have neglected issues of religious diversity and how the study of religions can contribute to our understanding of citizenship. International Perspectives on Citizenship, Education and Religious Diversity brings together an international range of contributions from religious studies scholars and educators specialising in the study of religions. Together, these illustrate and explore the key questions for educational theory and pedagogy raised by drawing issues of religious diversity into citizenship education.

The chapters address and extend debates over the nature of citizenship in late modernity, highlighting local and global dimensions of citizenship in relation to issues of national, religious, ethnic and cultural identity. As well as emphasising the role religious education has to play in citizenship education, this book also covers wider issues such as state-supported faith schools and cultural diversity in relation to common citizenship. The authors argue that critical, yet reflective, approaches to religious education have a distinctive and valuable contribution to make to citizenship education. Issues addressed within the study of religions are related to new forms of global and cultural citizenship, as well as citizenship within the nation state. Ultimately, this stimulating and original collection highlights the challenges and possibilities for teaching and learning about religion, religions and religious diversity within an inclusive educational practice.


'Part of the beauty of a comparative approach such as this are the unexpected gems of enlightenment contained within ... This is an important contribution to the theory and reflection surrounding citizenship, education and religious diversity, which I am sure will prove stimulating and useful to those delivering initial training and continuing professional development in this area.' - Tony Rea, Escalate

'This is a serious and timely book and readers are recommended to engage with its scholarly reflections ... This book may well provide a sample of the kind of debates that will roll across the educational world during the next century.' - International Journal of Education and Religion

'This book deserves the serious attention of everyone interested in the education of citizens in Britain, and also of administrators and policy makers in education as a whole.' - British Journal of Religious Education

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