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Pupil-To-Pupil Dialogue In The Classroom As A Tool For Religious Education (2001)

This publication is now out of print. Copies should be available in academic libraries.

Julia Ipgrave
Published by
Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit : Occasional Papers 2

The development programme described in this Working Paper was conducted under the auspices of The Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) and was funded by the All Saints Trust.

The research that forms the basis of this work on pupil to pupil dialogue is on the religious, cultural and theological influence of children from a primary classroom upon one another, and their formation of new ideas through encounter. It is written not simply from a 'multicultural' environment, but from one in which there was a Christian and Hindu minority and a particular Muslim majority in the school and the locality. The research concentrates on the minority of non-Muslim children and is informed by small discussion groups in which these children were free to explore and share their own ideas. The children themselves devised a series of questions to provide starting points for the discussions. Through analysing the children's discourse, the author explored a range of influences on their use of language. The conversations provided the data for ethnographic snapshots of the children's use of language over a particular period and in a particular place. This report gives some insights into the research, but especially discusses the implications of the findings for promoting dialogue in primary school classrooms more widely.