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The Religious Lives of Sikh Children

 A Coventry based study

Eleanor M. Nesbitt
Published by Department of Theology and Religious Studies University of Leeds

This is a detailed discussion of a field study which challenges the way in which the Sikh tradition is represented in Religious Education. Fluidity and diversity are evident in every aspect of these young Sikh's experience of their tradition. Family and home, worship, rites of passage (sanskar) and birthdays, annual festivals and 'formal nurture' in music classes and language classes are the subject of individual chapters. Later chapters examine the ways in which the word 'God' is applied, water as a medium of empowerment and popular distinction between 'Sikhs' and 'proper Sikhs'. The very full bibliography and glossary and survey of earlier literature on Sikhs in Britain make this an invaluable resource for religious educationists.

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