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Using the resources

Exploring Why and Exploring our world contain several sets of resources developed for foundation phase. Both series are designed so that the the learner can discover the meanings, rituals and history of varying symbols and practices associated with different faiths. Each story in both the ‘exploring why’ and ‘exploring our world’ series has five different formats of resources associated with it:

Short story book: resources-short-story2.png

The short story book is suitable for group reading and for independent young readers, this version is also available to buy in print format

Extended version story book: resources-extended-version.png

With more text the extended version provides further description and a richer vocabulary for learners.

Key questions story book: resources-questions-version.png

Retaining the illustrations of the story, each page is accompanied by a question designed to encourage deeper learning through focused observation.

Pictures only story book: resources-picture-version.png

Fully flexible version without text so that can be used in a variety of ways such as creative practice or group discussion.

Activities and further learning books: resources-activities.png

With each story there is a plethora of activities sheets, exercises and ideas for further learning.