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Duration: 2006-2008
Researchers: Dr Mandy Robbins

Religious professionals working with faith based communities now include clergywomen within the Church of England. Dr Mandy Robbins conducted a survey among Anglican clergywomen in 1994 that drew on a database of over 1,000 clergywomen. A number of articles and a book results from this study:

L.J. Francis and M. Robbins - The Long Diaconate 1987-1994: women deacons and the delayed journey to priesthood, Leominster, Gracewing, 1999, pp vi + 250.

M. Robbins - Clergywomen in the Church of England and the gender inclusive language debate, Review of Religious Research, 42, 405-414, 2001.

M.Robbins - Clergymen and clergywomen: the same inclusive gospel? Journal of Beliefs and Values, 28, 55-64, 2007.

This project was extended to include Canada.

M. Robbins, L.J. Francis and W. Fletcher-Marsh - Personality profile of Anglican clergywomen in Canada and England: a cross cultural comparison on the EPQR-S, Pastoral Sciences, 19, 79-90, 2000.

Building on this original survey phase two of the clergywomen project is now underway. It is envisaged that this survey will be extended to the mainline denominations within the United States of America.