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Evaluation of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Face to Faith Project

The Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit are delighted to be providing an evaluation team for the Face to Faith project.


(Professor Robert Jackson and Tony Blair at the Face to Faith Launch)

Our evaluation is intended to be rigorous and pragmatic, and will inform the future direction of the project. We are keen to find out about the practicalities, e.g. when it works well (or not so well), as well as the major critical issues.

Our methods will include looking at data about the frequency, duration etc of the exchanges. However, these outcomes are also likely to depend on a range of other contributory factors. The evaluation will therefore be based mainly on a set of case studies, some of 'successful' schools and others less 'successful', in order to identify the opportunities for and challenges to the project, for both teachers and pupils. These will involve us coming into schools to really get to the nitty-gritty of the project, to find out what it is really like.

Our findings will translate into direct advice for teachers, enabling the existing schools to consolidate their involvement and new schools to find their way more successfully. We will also be reviewing strategic issues that emerge.

Our team consists of experts in many aspects of religions in education:

  • Professor Robert Jackson: overview of the project, with expertise in interpretive and dialogical pedagogies, in human rights, and international comparative research
  • Dr Nigel Fancourt: case study researcher; expertise in qualitative secondary classroom research, especially in attitudes and values, and assessment for learning
  • Dr Julia Ipgrave: email-exchange researcher; expertise in dialogue, qualitative pupil-exchange and evaluation research
  • Dr Mandy Robbins: qualitative researcher; expertise in quantitative research on teenage religion and values, and human rights


(Nigel Fancourt with students at Bal Bharati School, in Delhi)

A press cutting about the project can be viewed here(Image file)