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REDCo Publications


REDCo related books can be found at the following links:

Tolerance and the curriculum

Religion and Education in Europe. Developments, Contexts and Debates

Encountering Religious Pluralism in School and Society A Qualitative Study of Teenage Perspectives in Europe

Inter Faith Dialogue by Email in Primary Schools An Evaluation of the Building E-Bridges Project

Teenagers' Perspectives on the Role of Religion in their Lives, Schools and Societies. A European Quantitative Study

Teachers Responding to Religious Diversity in Europe. Researching Biography and Pedagogy

Religious Education Research through a Community of Practice. Action Research and the Interpretive Approach[buch]=BUC120280&cHash=9ed24258a4

The whole series ‘Religious Diversity and Education in Europe’ can be found here

Purchasing the books

Most of the books are listed at

The books are also available at Waterstones: