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Religion educators. Stress and work-related psychological health

Duration: 1998-ongoing
Researcher: Professor Leslie Francis

The project concerned with stress and work-related psychological health among religious educators is concerned with comparative research in two senses. The first sense concerns three different ways in which the term ‘religious educator’ can be asked, namely teachers of religious education in the classroom, teachers engaged in faith-based or church related schools, and religious professionals working within faith communities, including Catholic priests, Anglican clergy, Methodist ministers, and Pentecostal pastors. The second sense concerns comparisons between religious educators operating within three very different cultures: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia and New Zealand. The research draws on new conceptualisation and assessment of work-related psychological health proposed by the Francis Burnout Inventory (FBI), and is concerned to model the relationship between work-related psychological health and three main types of predictors: internal or personality factors (as shaped by psychology), external or contextual factors (as shaped by sociology) and matters of faith and belief (as shaped by empirical theology).

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