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Publishing Projects

Religious Diversity and Education in Europe

Professor Robert Jackson is one of the Editors of the book series ‘Religious Diversity and Education in Europe’, published by Waxmann. The other Editors are Professor Cok Bakker (Utrecht, Netherlands), Professor Hans-Günter Heimbrock (Frankfurt, Germany), Professor Geir Skeie (Norway, Stavanger) and Professor Wolfram Weisse (Hamburg, Germany).

This is a major series of research and theoretical texts from across Europe, including the work of established researchers and research teams, conference proceedings, new work from European PhD students and research conducted by teachers and teacher trainers.

The rationale for the series is as follows. Globalisation and plurality are influencing all areas of education, including religious education. The inter-cultural and multi-religious situation in Europe demands a re-evaluation of existing educational systems in particular countries as well as new thinking at the broader European level. The ‘Religious Diversity and Education in Europe’ book series is committed to the investigation and reflection of the changing role of religion and education in Europe. Contributions evaluate the situation, reflect on fundamental issues and develop perspectives for better policy making and pedagogy, especially in relation to practice in the classroom.

The publishing policy of the series is to focus on the importance of strengthening pluralist democracies through stimulating the development of active citizenship and fostering greater mutual understanding through intercultural education. It pays special attention to the educational challenges of religious diversity and conflicting value systems in schools and in society in general.

‘Religious Diversity and Education in Europe’ is produced by two European research groups, in which scholars are engaged in empirical and theoretical research on aspects of religion and education in relation to intercultural issues:

  • ENRECA: The European Network for Religious Education in Europe through Contextual Approaches
  • REDCo: Religion in Education. A contribution to Dialogue or a factor of Conflict in transforming societies of European Countries

Details of the books in the series can be found here