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Projects Undertaken by EdD Students

Completed projects

David Bone (EdD)

Davis was awarded his EdD in 2009.

David’s research focused on the teaching of faiths other than Islam in a traditionally oriented Muslim independent school in Britain. He set his case study in the context of the history of Islamic education. In the case study school no explicit teaching of other faiths was being offered. David suggested that this situation resulted from the lack of appropriate policy on religious education and from the teacher’s inexperience, even though the school’s ethos was positive in this respect.

In January 2008 David was appointed as the first Muslim Chaplain to the University of Warwick, which involved him in providing pastoral care for staff and students, representing the university at relevant conferences, and managing the Islamic prayer Hall complex. Also in January 2008 David was appointed as Muslim Schools Advisor to the Shared Futures Project by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The project’s objectives were to promote community cohesion and understanding across the faith boundaries by establishing educational linking activities between the different faith communities’ faith schools.

In 2009 David became Stone Ashdown Director of the Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations in Cambridge. The Centre aims to overcome prejudice and intolerance between and against Jews, Christians and Muslims, and to establish a more positive basis for inter-religious relations.

Supervisors: Professor Bob Jackson and Professor Eleanor Nesbitt

Bill Gent

Bill Gent completed his EdD at Warwick in 2006. His research focused on the supplementary education provided by a large Redbridge Mosque. He used a reflexive mixed method approach (including life history) to examine possibilities for educational collaboration between Redbridge LEA and the organisers of local madrasas (Muslim supplementary schools). He is now an associate fellow within Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit and is contributing to the EU Framework 6 REDCo project.

Supervisors: Professor Eleanor Nesbitt and Professor Robert Jackson