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Current Research Projects

I am currently involved in seven research projects, including:
  • Ambitious about Autism Evaluation of the 'Finished at School programme'. Mrs M.A. Cullen, Dr S. Cullen, Prof R Hastings and Prof G. Lindsay.
  • Autism Education Trust's Training Hubs Programme Evaluation. Dr S. Cullen, Mrs M.A. Cullen and Prof G. Lindsay. 2013-15.
  • Better Communication Research Programme. Prof G. Lindsay, Prof J. Dockrell (Institute of Education, University of London (ULIE), Prof J. Law (Newcastle University), Prof S. Roulstone (University of West of England, Bristol), A. Vignoles (ULIE), Prof J. Beecham (LSE) and Prof T. Charman (ULIE).
  • A Better Start. Professor J. Barlow, Prof G. Lindsay, Prof K. Sylva, Prof S. Petrous, Prof V. Glover, Prof D. Bisk, Prof A. Leyland, Prof C. Summerbell. Big Lottery. 2013-2024.
  • CANparent Trial Evaluation. Prof G. Lindsay, Mrs M. A. Cullen, Dr S. Cullen, Dr I. Bakopoulou (CEDAR); Mrs S. Goodlad (CEI); Prof J. Barlow (Warwick Medical School); M. Peters, R. Brind, E. Pickering, O. Norden (TNS-BMRB); Dr G. Conlan, A.Litchfield (London Economics); C. Bryson, Dr S. Purdon (Bryson Purdon Social Research). DfE. 2012-14.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the Early Intervention Foundation 2014-16. Prof G. Lindsay, M.A. Cullen & Dr V. Totsika. EIF 2014-16
  • Evaluation of the STEM project innovation programme 2012-2014. Prof G. Lindsay (CEDAR) and Mrs S. Goodlad (CEI). 2013-15.