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Jonathan Mitchell

I received my doctorate in philosophy from the University of Warwick in February 2016, and have continued as a Sessional Teacher here. At present my research is focused on points of intersection between philosophy of mind, emotion and value. In particular I am interested in how distinctions and debates from contemporary philosophy of mind can find application in a new theory of emotions (e.g. conceptual vs. non-conceptual content; phenomenal intentionality; the attitude-content distinction). These interests grew out of my dissertation topic on Nietzsche’s philosophy of value, which included detailed chapters on his theory of emotions and values.

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Areas of Specialization:
Philosophy of Emotions; Philosophy of Value; Nietzsche; Philosophy of Perception; Meta-Ethics

Areas of Competence:
Epistemology; Metaphysics; Philosophy of Mind; Early 20th century Continental Philosophy (Husserl and Sartre); Normative Ethics;

Publications: Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:
1. ‘The Epistemology of Emotional Experience’ in dialectica 71(1), 57-84, 2017
2. ‘The Intentionality and Intelligibility of Moods’ under revision at European Journal of Philosophy
3. ‘A Nietzschean Critique of Metaphysical Philosophy’ forthcoming in Journal of Nietzsche Studies 48(3), 2017
4. ‘Nietzsche on Taste: Epistemic Privilege and Anti-Realism’ in Inquiry 60(1-2), 31-65, 2017
5. ‘Nietzschean Self-Overcoming’, in Journal of Nietzsche Studies 47(3), 323-350, 2016

Publications: Chapters in Edited Volumes
6. ‘The Varieties of Mood Intentionality’, forthcoming in Mood – Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, Warwick Series in the Humanities: Routledge, 2017

Publications: Book Reviews
7. Review of Paul Katsafanas, The Nietzschean Self: Moral Psychology, Agency, and the Unconscious, Ethics 127.3, 2017
8. Review of Ken Gemes and John Richardson, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche, Journal of Nietzsche Studies 46(2), 492-497, 2016
9. Review of Maudemarie Clark, Nietzsche on Ethics and Politics, Journal of Nietzsche Studies 47(3), 492-496, 2016