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Completed 2016

Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2015-16

Stephen M. Cullen and Mairi Ann Cullen

Phase 3 of our evaluation of the Autism Education Trust (AET) Programme built on our earlier research: Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation, 2011-13, and Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation, 2013-15. Those evaluations showed that the AET Programme:

  • Represents a successful delivery mode for autism training
  • Provides effective training that is well-received by Early Years, School, and Post-16 staff
  • Has developed high quality training and support materials, including National Standards and a Competency Framework for autism education.

In this phase, the focus of the evaluation shifted to further establishing the impact of the AET Programme at school level. The 2015-16 evaluation aimed to:

  • Describe and assess the impact of the AET Programme in four schools – a special primary school, a special secondary school, a mainstream primary school, and a mainstream secondary school
  • Develop an online questionnaire to gather quantitative data on impact
  • Track AET Programme, provision, and pupil outcomes using the new AET Progression Framework, which is being developed by Autism Associates on behalf of the AET.