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Completed 2020

Autism Education Trust - Programme Evaluation 2017-18

Stephen M. Cullen

Phase 5 of our evaluation of the Autism Education Trust (AET) Programme builds on our earlier research: Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation; 2011-13, Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation, 2013-15; Autism Education Trust Programme, 2015-16; and Evaluation of the Autism Education Trust Programme, 2016-2017. Those evaluations demonstrated that the AET Programme delivered high levels of effectiveness in terms of delivery, materials, satisfaction, and impact. That effectiveness was demonstrated across all levels of the AET Programme; for Early Years, school age, and Post-16 settings.

CEDAR has been asked by the AET to focus its evaluation of the 2017-2018 Programme on creating a small number of detailed case-studies of the use and impact of AET training and AET materials by differing education settings. The settings are a mainstream nursery, a specialist nursery setting, two mainstream primary schools, a mainstream secondary school, and a specialist primary school. Over the period of the evaluation, the settings’ work with children with ASD will be tracked and recorded. The impact of AET training, and the use of AET materials, particularly the Progression Framework, the National Standards and the Competency Framework will be reviewed in relation to staff development, support and outcomes for children and young people with autism. The evaluation’s final report will be published in the early summer of 2018.