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Current Project




Professor Steve Strand and Mairi-Ann Cullen


The focus of the research has been on the education related attitudes/aspirations of pupils entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) in the school. The key questions are: What are the attitudes to education and the educational aspirations of students at the school? What differences are there in attitudes, aspirations and views between those entitled or not entitled to FSM? What is the role of factors in the home, among peers and (in particular) in the school that impact on students’ decisions to continue in education post-16 and ultimately entry to higher education? What in particular do students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds see as the facilitators for continuing in education post-16? What factors do they see as barriers to such continuation? What are the implications for policy and practice in the school? A series of interviews were completed in the summer and autumn terms 2011 with students, parents and selected school staff to address these issues. Preliminary results have been shared with the school and a final report will be submitted in spring 2012.