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Completed 2017

Evaluation of the Early Intervention Foundation

Professor Geoff Lindsay, Mairi-Ann Cullen and Dr Vaso Totsika

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) commissioned CEDAR to undertake an evaluation of its impact as a ‘What Works?’ centre, in shaping the evidence and practice on early intervention over the period July 2013 to November 2017.

We worked with EIF initially to determine a research strategy in line with EIF’s developing programme of activities and determination of priorities. We undertook a combined methods study using a range of qualitative and quantitative methods in order to explore the impact of the EIF in the three principal domains it initially identified. Initially, we concentrated on interviewing lead officers from the 20 Places with which EIF was working, a broad range of senior stakeholders and EIF staff. In addition, we have worked with EIF to investigate its impact through conference evidence and seminar dissemination events.

We produced an interim report to the EIF (not for publication) and a final report was produced in November 2017.

Link to Final report