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Dr. George Raper

Dr. George Raper - Associate Teaching Fellow


George taught in a range of primary and secondary schools before becoming involved in initial and in-service teacher education at the University of Warwick where he has been Director of the Primary and Secondary PGCE courses, the Undergraduate BA(QTS) course and Director of both Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.

During his time at Warwick, he has developed in-service courses in mathematics, science and design technology for primary and middle school teachers, a national and international BPhil(Ed) degree course and, with the DES, set up a re-training course to ameliorate the shortage of secondary physics teachers.He was also involved in the development of the National Curriculum.

Internationally, he has developed and taught on teacher education courses in Kenya; has worked on curriculum development with ministry of education officials in Malaysia: participated in European multinational research programmes and has contributed at science education conferences in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Malaysia and Singapore He has supervised higher degree (PhD, EdD and MSc) students from the UK, Malaysia, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and several African countries.

George has examined PhD, EdD, MSc and MA candidates for the Universities of Warwick, Durham, Birmingham and Wolverhampton and was Chief External Examiner for the University of Durham’s BA (Education) Degree.