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Tracey Metcalf

Tracey Metcalf - Associate Teaching Fellow


Tracey has been a Primary practitioner for 33 years. As a Class Teacher at a Junior School for twenty two years and a Deputy Head Teacher at a large Primary School for eleven years, she has undertaken many roles and responsibilities leading on Art, Music, Literacy, SEND, Healthy Schools, EAL and Teaching and Learning.

Throughout her career, Tracey has worked with children and families from challenging circumstances and disadvantaged communities. Her greatest aim has always been to enthuse children and teachers towards a love of learning, a sense of achievement and a realisation of their full potential. Tracey worked with staff in school to strive to offer the children a wealth of rich experiences to ensure that the children accessed the same opportunities that every other child in the city had; nurturing their self-esteem by being positive, developing their confidence enough to enable them to reach for new goals and aspirations that they thought they were not capable of achieving and helping them to unlock their potential. She is committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are fully valued.

Tracey is an advocate of teamwork. She worked with staff to develop the new curriculum. She is an accredited coach and she had used this widely in school. Her vision has always been to inspire, encourage and motivate children to become independent and enthusiastic readers and writers. Working alongside the Literacy Advisory Service as a class teacher, she was involved in creating writing projects for teachers to deliver in schools to inspire, enthuse and improve children’s writing. Working with the English leads at school, who share this same passion, has meant this way of inspiring children through good quality texts has now been fully embraced in school.

Tracey is passionate about developing our next generation of teachers. She has mentored many Newly Qualified Teachers, trainee teachers on the Graduate Training Programme, AOR, Teach First students and PGCE trainees. Even though now retired, she still works closely with University of Warwick to ensure their trainees access the best environment to forward their careers in teaching. Tracey fully appreciates the strong partnership schools have with the university which enables not only the trainees to advance into solid practitioners but also the teachers and children at school to access the university’s invaluable advice and support.