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Primary WaSP Meetings


2 December 2021

  Meeting Agenda
Notes for cross-phase sessionLink opens in a new window

  Cross Phase Recording (Part 1) - 40mins

  Cross Phase Recording (Part 2) - 7mins

  Notes for Primary Session - Coming Soon!

  Primary Session Recording 1hr 6mins

12 November 2020

Unfortunately, due to technical issues the meeting could not be recorded.

  Meeting Agenda
  Cross-Phase Meeting Notes
  Primary Meeting Notes - unable to produce due to technical issues

Documentation Shared at meeting

Agenda Item 3

Collaborative Development Groups Overview
Collaborative Development Groups Timeline
Agenda Item 6

Ofsted Up-date
Agenda Item 7

Athena SWAN Headlines

19 March 2019 - Meeting Cancelled

5 December 2019

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 4b ITT core content
Agenda Item 4e MA Developments

4 July 2019

 Meeting Agenda
  Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 1 - Warwick teacher characteristics
Agenda Item 2 - Cross-phase partnership meeting

Agenda Item 3 - Teacher workload & Wellbeing

21 March 2019

Meeting Cancelled