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Assessment Process

Phase One


Apply by Mid June - to start Autumn Term
Apply by End of October - to start Spring Term

Primary and Early Years: Apply by February half-term - to start Summer Term

                Initial Application

                Fill in the application form and submit it with:

                • Letter of Recommendation from your school
                • Please have evidence that you have applied for your Professional Skills Tests or have already passed them within the last three years.

                    Phase Two

                    The second phase comprises a lesson observation and interview which will take place at your school:

                    1. Lesson Observation

                    The University Assessor (Teaching Fellow) will observe one of your lessons. There will be a review and discussion afterwards.

                    2. Document Checking

                    Before your interview can proceed, you will need to provide originals and two copies of the documents listed here.

                    3. Formal Interview

                    You will provide an Initial Portfolio of Evidence demonstrating that you have achieved the Teachers’ Standards set by the Department for Education.

                    We make a recommendation on whether you are ready to start QTS/EYTS Assessment or what is the best route for you to become a qualified teacher.

                    4. Formal Postgraduate Application

                    You will need to complete a Postgraduate Application Form and a Fitness to Work Questionnaire if you have been approved to continue to Phase Three.

                    Phase Three - The 12 week Assessment Only Programme

                    • A mentor from your school will provide feedback on weekly lesson observations, via the Assessment Point Forms returned to the University prior to each assessment visit. Read more about School Involvement.
                    • There will be three lesson observation visits from the University Assessor (Teaching Fellow).
                    • You will submit a final Portfolio of Evidence which is a record of your development as a teacher. Evidence is gathered against each of the eight national Teacher's Standards/Early Years. This will be assessed at the final assessment visit to your school in an informal interview. In this interview you will be able to demonstrate:
                      • Effective classroom management, showing sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of pupils and an ability to promote learning
                      • An effective and confident approach to curriculum planning
                      • Knowledge, particularly in relation to the breadth of the National Curriculum/EYFS and your subject area
                      • Able to use ICT effectively in your teaching and to promote student learning
                      • An accurate approach to assessment
                      • A professional commitment to setting high standards for yourself and your pupils
                      • Commitment to your own continued professional development (CPD)

                    Phase Four - Induction Support

                    The University will provide help, advice and guidance to all successful candidates by preparing them for their NQT Induction programme.